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Drawtex Hydroconductive Wound Dressing w/ LevaFiber - 4x4 (Box of 10)

Drawtex Hydroconductive Wound Dressing w/ LevaFiber - 4x4 (Box of 10)
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Drawtex® is a unique, 3mm thick, three-layered wound dressing with superb hydroconductive action that lifts, holds, and transfers exudate, slough and necrotic debris away from the wound interface in order to create an optimal wound healing environment while promoting the wound healing process.

Even when completely saturated, Drawtex® maintains its integrity, stays in place and remains intact so it can be easily removed in one piece. No dressing particles are left in the wound.

Drawtex® provides hydroconductive debridement that lifts and loosens adherent slough. Drawtex® can also be used as a surgical drain.

Drawtex® is the ideal dressing for a healthy wound bed to:


  • Dilute the concentration of bacteria
  • Create a natural vacuum system (negative pressure)
  • Strip away & stop the production of wound barriers

Find out more about Drawtex®.


Drawtex® with LevaFiber™ technology comes in flat sheets or rolls that can be cut to fit wounds of different shapes and sizes. Because it is so versatile, it can easily be used either as a flat dressing, a multilayer dressing or as a drain for deeper wounds.


Drawtex® with LevaFiber™ Technology Features:



  • Hydroconductive: can move & capture large volumes of fluid; absorbs up to 500% of its own weight
  • Non-adherent: leaves no particles in the wound
  • Hydroconductive debridement: draws exudate away from the wound surface to remove toxic components such as slough, necrotic tissue, & bacteria
  • Versatile: use as a flat dressing, a multilayer dressing, or as a drain for deeper wounds


Key Benefits




  • conductive capillary action with no additives.



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